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Alex understands the core job of every realtor is to help you find, buy or sell your home and he does this while creating a world-class Real Estate experience. This is all about being a local expert, constant communicator, and vigorous negotiator. 

If you're selling, Alex puts your home in front of as many of the right eyes as possible. If you're buying, Alex is hyper-focusing on your needs when buying a home. When things get complicated, Alex is there to protect the client and resolve any issues.

Hi, I'm Alex Young

I'm a former engineer and project manager turned real estate agent. I love nothing more than my incredible wife of over 12 years and our 4 beautiful children. During time off, I enjoy spectacular Disney vacations and volunteering with my kid's activities organizations; like the Christian Family Theatre and Big Ridge Raiders Swim Team.

It still blows my mind to say out loud, but I started my Chattanooga real estate journey back in 2016 by flipping distressed properties. Since that time, my real estate focus has shifted to helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. 

Today, I pride myself on being an aggressive advocate for my clients and providing them value every step of the way. I challenge you to find agent in the Chattanooga area that will work harder to find your next home or has a more comprehensive marketing program.

I know that you have many choices for a real estate agent, and I thank you for your consideration. I hope that you find this website helpful in choosing a realtor and encourage you to schedule a consultation to see if working together makes sense.

Hi, I'm Alex Young

A Few Key Aspects of The World Class Real Estate Experience

Alex believes there are just a few key aspects that make a real estate experience world class vs. mediocre. Those aspects are outlined in the tabs below.

Alex will leverage the current market conditions in your favor, whether you're buying or selling. He will ask the hard questions and dig for the truth you need. Alex is a steward of negotiation on behalf of his clients. He does not settle. He does not compromise. He delivers above and beyond results for his clients

The days of an easy real estate market are gone. Many agents are reactive to the market and to their client's competitors. In our modern real estate market both buyers and sellers have challenging positions. Buyers must fight tooth and nail for properties hitting the market. Sellers have to compete for marketing attention with the overstimulation from the constant bombardment from a variety of media sources. To ensure you have a successful real estate transaction, Alex has established proactive buyer and seller programs for you.

Generalizations have become widely accepted in the real estate industry. From HGTV to Zillow, real estate influences are everywhere. Zillow Zestimates are often taken as scripture rather than the general estimate range that they are. Would you risk tens of thousands of dollars on something that hasn't been validated by an expert? You will be best served by an agent that haas hyper-local knowledge to your zip code, area, and neighborhood. That's where Alex comes in. He has the expertise for the Chattanooga area, and in locations that he doesn't, he'll partner with the right gent for your specific property.

Who knew that there were so many different parties to a real estate transaction? From lenders and title services to home inspectors and repair services, real estate is a team sport. And Alex intends to take your team to the Super Bowl. Think of your transaction as an NFL football team. You're the owner and Alex is the head coach. You set the expectations and Alex builds a team to deliver. 

Alex knows the right teammates for your real estate transaction. He's worked with the good ones and with the bad ones. Alex only recommends the best vendors.

should you work with alex as your realtor?

Well that depends... Do you want to work with a top agent in the Chattanooga area? Do you want to work with a realtor that aggressively represents you? One that's proactive in delivering results? One that has hyper-local expertise and access to the premier local support vendors? Schedule a consultation to see if working with Alex is right for you...